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Personalized, Seven-layer
Smart Gummies

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Built by alumni from:

Stop taking pills

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What a mouthful

Too much to swallow day in day out

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It's a guessing game

Generic pills lack efficacy and personalization

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Terrible taste

Nothing enjoyable about this ritual


7 pills in one, daily gummy made for you

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Seven unique layers built from 389M combinations


Seven layers = seven supplements

All you need in one daily gummy


8 sugar-free flavors

The world’s best tasting supplement

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389M combinations fit exactly what you need

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389M combinations fit exactly what you need

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A radical stance to turn food into medicine

Our third product, the Smart Gummy, gives more people access to nutrition that actually listens to their biometrics and evolves with them.

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"Nutrition Company Raises Funds From NFL Players, Oura Founder.”

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Track and meet your goals

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Why Elo?

Elo provides personalized nutrition, based on an in-depth analysis of your health goals, dietary history, and biochemistry. We are pioneering a new category of Smart Nutrition products, that use health and wearable data, to provide the right nutrients, at the right dose, to help you improve your health and performance.

Yes, they are. In 2022, we set up a study to understand if 3D-printed vitamin D gummies had the same effect as vitamin D capsules on 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The personalized, 3D-printed vitamin D gummy supplement was equally effective in raising vitamin D serum levels as the personalized vitamin D soft gel after 12 weeks of supplements.

Read The Study

Since launching, more than 90% of customers have selected the three-month membership option due to the cost savings ($240 savings a year) and reduced use of packaging and less shipping (22% reduction in carbon emissions). After working with our logistics team, we have made this our only option and increased savings to our customers to $360 a year off the launch price.

Yes, and we know it’s hard to believe. They are naturally sweetened with erythritol. This means they have much lower calories and glycemic index impact. Hence, they are a great alternative to sugar for everyone, but especially for diabetics, people following a low-carb and low-sugar diet.

For optimal results, consume one Smart Gummy daily. In our study, 75% took their Smart Gummy after breakfast, lunch or dinner. We recommend taking the gummy after a meal.

Smart Gummies aren’t just better for you; we’ve scientifically proven it. In our study involving 54 participants, 78% of participants took their smart gummies daily compared to 57% who took their pills daily. The end result of the study also found that nutrient levels were equal between the gummies and pills, meaning there’s equal gain for a supplement that’s actually tasty! We’ve also found that clients experience cost savings by replacing their multiple supplement jars with just one daily smart gummy (which can replace seven pills).

Please allow 14-21 working days from the order for your Elo Smart Gummies to be delivered. We make all Gummies to order, and this also includes shipping times.

We offer 8 flavors: Strawberry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Yuzu, Blackcurrant, Peach, Blood Orange, Elo Original. You can easily manage your flavors by downloading the Elo iOS app.

We advise allowing 8-12 weeks of taking any nutrients and supplements to start to feel a difference. Everybody is different; it depends on the individual.

We are committed to providing top-quality products. All our ingredients are plant-based and sourced exclusively from top-tier suppliers. To guarantee purity and correct dosage, every ingredient undergoes strict third-party testing. This dedication ensures you receive the best and safest product possible.

Unfortunately, the Elo App is only available on iPhone. However, we hope to expand to Android and other devices.

Ditch the pills

Discover a better way with Elo's Smart Gummies

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