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This is not your average protein.

The first fully personalized all-in-one Smart Protein blend.

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This is not your average protein.

The first fully personalized, all-in-one smart protein formula.

Built by alumni from:

So much more than protein

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Build & repair muscle

Custom Grass-fed whey or plant-based pea protein formula for improved muscle recovery.

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Replenish energy

Personalized energy formula replenishes glycogen stores without spiking blood sugar.

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Boost hydration

Personalized electrolyte formula of magnesium and sodium to prevent dehydration.

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Fill Nutrient Gaps

Vitamins, super greens, collagen, and mushrooms lay the foundation for better performance.

Unique formulas to meet your goals

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“I love that this takes the guesswork out of nutrition.” — Ashley

Elo Protein Bag AshleyElo Protein Bag Ashley
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"The best thing about Elo is that it's completely personalized for the individual.” — Toan

How it works

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Personalize your formula based on your goals, dietary needs and exercise habits.


Backed by science and built by AI. Every bag is hand mixed and made to order, delivered monthly.

elo protein drinkelo protein drink

Track your workouts for dosing guidance and an evolving formula.

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Approved by experts

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Dana Lis, Ph.D.

Performance Nutritionist for Golden State Warriors

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Robyn Heister MD

Precision medicine physician

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Tero-Pekka Alastalo MD

Healthcare entrepreneur

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Zuzana Krejciova-Rajaniemi Ph.D.

Science Director

Loved by athletes

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Jeremy Bloom

Olympian & NFL Player

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Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon pioneer, The New York Times Best Seller

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Joe Thomas

NFL Hall of Fame

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Alex Biega

Former NHL Player

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Unlimited dietitian support
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Precise dosing in real time


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Elo provides supplements made just for you, based on at-home blood testing and data from wearables. We are pioneering a new category of Smart Nutrition products, that use biomarkers and health data, to provide the right nutrients, at the right dose, to help you improve your health and performance.

Smart Nutrition is a new category of nutrition products that are personalized, precise, and proactive. It’s a next-generation approach to nutrition that uses a combination of your health data and the latest scientific research, to provide nutrition and supplements made just for you.

Personalized: Smart Nutrition takes personalization to a new level. It’s driven by an in-depth analysis of your biomarkers, wearable data, health history, and goals, allowing for more precise and effective recommendations specific to you.

Precise: Smart Nutrition is more precise. Bioavailability, format, dosage, and duration are precisely calibrated for each individual, based on human clinical data, corresponding to your exact values.

Proactive: Smart Nutrition evolves with you and gets better over time, providing helpful reminders and updating your plan as your data, and needs change. Smart Nutrition uses real-time data to stay one step ahead of what your body needs for optimal performance.

Health: Many of our members experience significant improvements in their long-term health, daily performance, and/or biomarkers as a result of joining Elo. We’ve painstakingly combed through the latest scientific literature to ensure that your personal supplement mix and dosages are efficacious and optimized for outcomes.

Convenience: Navigating supplements is messy, complicated, and fraught with misinformation. We take the guesswork out of finding the right supplements for your unique needs and ship them straight to your door every month.

Coaching: Every Elo member is paired with a dedicated Elo Nutritionist to support their health journey. Elo members meet with their nutritionist 3 times a year to review biomarker results, set goals, and tweak supplement plans. In addition, Elo members have unlimited access to their Elo Nutritionist in-app.

Monitoring: Elo App tracks progress over time and sends smart reminders to help members maximize results and build healthy habits.

To subscribe to Elo you must be over 18 years of age, live in the United States, and have an iPhone. Unfortunately, we cannot ship our blood biomarker test to those in NY.

Blood biomarkers provide important insights into your metabolic health and nutrition status and can help identify nutrient deficiencies and disease risk. At Elo, we currently test the following biomarkers using dried-blood spot testing technology:

  • Hemoglobin A1C

  • Total cholesterol

  • HDL

  • LDL

  • Triglycerides

  • Cholesterol/HDL ratio

  • LDL/HDL ratio

  • VLDL

  • Homocysteine

  • Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin D

  • Ferritin

All blood samples are collected at home with a simple finger prick so you never have to go into a lab to complete your biomarker tests.

What’s included: Your daily smart supplement pack contains custom-dosed nutrients selected for your biomarkers, health data, and goals, based on the latest available science. Elo’s formulary includes over 60 nutrients, all of which undergo rigorous third-party testing.

What’s NOT included: You won’t find low-quality supplements with questionable doses and efficacy in your daily smart supplement packet. Furthermore, your daily smart supplement packet won’t contain more supplements than you need.

Elo membership costs $99/month and includes the following:

At-home biomarker testing twice a year. 1:1 coaching sessions with your Elo Nutritionist three times a year. Smart Supplements delivered to your door every month. Ongoing monitoring, support, and reminders via Elo App. Unlimited messages to your Elo Dietitian in-app.

No, Elo only ships within the United States at the moment, however, we hope to expand to other international markets in the future.

Unfortunately, Elo App is only available on iPhone, however, we hope to expand to Android and other devices in the future.